Contact Us

Please call (808) 286-4359 if you find an injured, dead, or stranded turtle.

**This is the number for East Hawaii only! For other regions, visit:**

Some of the questions we will ask when we call you back:

  • Does it respond when you approach?
  • How many people will it take to carry it?
  • Is it swimming in a pond, and if so, how large and deep is the pond?
  • Has the turtle been on the shore for a few days?
    NOTE: Turtles regularly bask on shore, and this is normal behavior. However, if you notice that the turtle has been on shore for several days, it may be stranded and you should page us.
  • Does it have any tumors?
  • How large and where are the tumors?

We will also ask for a contact and mailing address so we can send you turtle literature in the future.

For suspected law enforcement violations such as killing, harming, or harrassing a turtle, please call DOCARE:

974-6208 Hilo/ East Coast
327-4961Kona DOCARE, State of HI

OR Dial “0” for operator and ask for “Enterprise 5469” for DOCARE State of HI after hours, weekends and Holidays.

We thank you for your concern and help in helping marine turtles. Please remember that marine turtles are protected by law and you should not touch them. Removal of hooks and line is best handled by a qualified vet (based in Honolulu) so please call us to pick up such a turtle so that it receives proper care.